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Closing of the Boca Juniors FC Stadium – Gustavo May of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to NBI News: “The fine is paid in the Directorate General of Administration of Infractions, at which time we do not receive news about the payment.”

Will the closing of La Bombonera Stadium be lifted today? Yesterday, several Argentine media were advancing the news: As the newspaper La Nación Boca Juniors published, it should pay a fine to the Government of…

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General Attorney of Schleswig Holstein to NBI News: ” about the decision in Brussels we have knowledge. Of course our check of the case also contains the clarification of the question whether the formal conditions for the admissibility of the extradition are given “

The Puigdemont case continues to generate important news at the judicial and political level. Yesterday, it was the decision of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the justice of Belgium to reject the extradition order against…

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