Argentina: the Dollar and the Country Risk continue to rise.

After the party elections of August 11, the so-called PASO, the financial uncertainty continues in the Argentine market.

There have been several Monday and critical days after the elections in which the dollar has risen rapidly. Situation that the Central Bank of Argentina has tried to contain by selling several tens of millions of dollars on several occasions.

President Macri has also taken several measures of financial relief for the middle class, which was the one that punished him in the last vote.

The IMF has shown itself on the side of the government, but the statements of Alberto Fernandez, the main opposition candidate and for the majority of people the “virtual elected president” due to the overwhelming electoral support, do not help stabilize the markets.

This whole situation generates uncertainty and that is reflected in the rise in the dollar and the country risk. As reported by the Argentine portal TN the dollar exceeded 62 Argentine pesos and the country risk reached 2,500 points.

Photo: Pixabay

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