Brazil vs Argentina: the referee Zambrano spoke “I say that they could have called me (for the VAR)”

Brazil vs Argentina: the referee Zambrano spoke “I say that they could have called me (for the VAR)”

Once the Copa America in Brazil is over, the polemic for the non-use of the VAR in key moves of the Brazil vs. Argentina semifinal match is still latent.

Who spoke this time was the referee of the match, the Ecuadorian Roddy Zambrano.

Zambrano who has been harshly criticized by managers, players and fans among others expressed in an interview for the radio of his country Super K-800 the following regarding the controversies of public knowledge and that reproduces TyC Sport and Goal among other media:

On the play in which many saw a possible penalty to Nicolás Otamendi and that could have modified the outcome of the game, Zambrano expressed:

I did not see it, I see the fallen player. Otamendi also enters to collide, it is not a nudge. The VAR reviewed it and determined that it was 50 and 50, did not call me to see it, they did not consider it to be a play that was clear for a penalty. With the newspaper on Monday I say they could have called me, “said the judge acknowledging that they could have called from the VAR to see the play on the field monitor.

Tambien Zambrano denies with that phrase the press versions that indicated that the referee in charge of the VAR, the Uruguayan Leodan Gonzalez had called him to see the play again.

With respect to the controversial play that many saw as a possible criminal of Dani Alves to Aguero, Zambrano expressed why it was not reviewed in the VAR:

“In the first play it is clear that Agüero steps. It is almost a reckless foul on the defender (Dani Alves). Why do not they see the back camera of the bow? “

On the subsequent Messi’s statements that match, Roddy Zambrano said:

“He is dedicated to playing and I never had problems with him. The truth is that I was surprised by his statements after the match, but everyone has their opinion. “

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