Argentina won 2 to 1 to Chile and is third

Argentina won 2 to 1 to Chile and is third

Argentina won Chile 2 to 1 and was third in the Copa America.

After a very controversial week in the Argebtin media for arbitration and the use of the VAR in Brazil vs Argentina in which the repercussions are still continuing, Argentina beat Chile with goals from Ag├╝ero and Dybala, discounting for Chile Arturo Vidal by penalty then of the fault committed by Giovani Locelsso.

After the match, there were tough comments from Dr Dybala and Otamaendi about the VAR and the arbitration.

Also Argentine journalists were not satisfied with the arbitration

Speaking to DirectTV sports Dybala made it clear that the harsh words of Messi prior to Messi’s party could have motivated the expulsion and he preferred not to continue speaking in order not to follow the same path as the Argentine captain.

The truth is many journalists considered exaggerated the red to Messi.

It is noted that Messi had only had one red (between the national team and Barcelona) throughout his career, it is the same as his debut in the game against Hungary, almost a decade and a half ago, specifically 14 years ago .

And it was a coincidence that after the harsh and public words against Conmebol Messi was expelled.

Then, both Messi and Gary Medel (the other expelled) considered exaggerated the card to both and criticized the referee. They argued that with yellow for each one would have been enough.

For now these last performances of the referees have left serious complaints on players from different teams.

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