Peru beat Chile 3-0 and will play the final with Brazil.

Peru qualified as the best third in the group stage to the elimination phase. He was thrashed by Brazil by 5 to 0 and went through the minimum penalty difference after beating Uruguay.

But none of that prevents Peru from making history and going for glory.

Maybe he had not dazzled until yesterday as Brazil and his beautiful jogo but it is undoubtedly the surprise of the Copa America and is in its third final in history after 44 years.

A not minor fact is that Peru always won when it reached the final.

On the other side is the always talented Brazil who plays at home and never lost an America Cup that he organized.

Paolo Guerrero is in a great moment, at 4 points to equal the record of top scorer in the history of the America Cup together with Zizinho and Norberto Mendez. Paolo yesterday made the great goal that sentenced Chile and is motivated.

Also the referents Cuevas, Alvincula, Pizarro are also at a very high level in this Cup and that was seen yesterday against Chile.

His goalkeeper Pedro Galleso has undoubtedly become the golero sensation of this cup, after receiving 5 points against Brazil he put on the hero costume of Peru and on Saturday when he had an excellent performance in the game and even cut him off to Luis Suarez the criminal, being also chosen as the best player of the match.

And if there was any doubt of his high level yesterday Gallese was again the sensation of Peru with several incredible saves with up to a penalty saved to Ricardo Vargas that undoubtedly raise him to the podium of the best winners of this Cup, which he will share with Alison de Brazil, the other excellent goalkeeper of the Cup and unbeaten so far.

Brazil vs Peru will undoubtedly be a great match, although Brazil is always favorite. Peru has already seen that it will give battle and it can surprise.

Nothing is said and both go for a place in the great history of the Copa America.

Illustration of a soccer ball on Pixabay

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