The VAR at the center of the controversies.

The VAR at the center of the controversies.

It was June of 2010 when one or more of the greatest injustice and embarrassment in the history of the World Cup happened today.

Germany won by 2 x 1 to England in the elimination phase when the English feat happened, the 2 x 2 draw with Germany after Frank Lampard’s goal that hit the crossbar and came clear 40 approx. centimeters in the arch.

After a mythical effort England managed to tie Germany at a key moment of the game, millions of English fans jumped and celebrated with joy. Not every day was achieved a feat of those cararteristicas that kept them still in competition in the game.

But what was the goal and they saw hundreds of millions of people and it really happened, that is Frank Lampard’s clear and unbelievable goal, the Uruguayan Francisco Espinoza did not see him and said that the ball did not enter the goal, and the Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionada did not validate the English goal.

An injustice so great that it motivated the first debates in requesting the use of technology to clarify the plays or situations in which there remained doubts.

Years later, with the debate resolved in favor of the use of technology, Gianni Infantino, president of Fifa approved the use of a technological system to avoid injustices in the parties, this technological system is called VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and implemented successfully in Russia 2018.

But the VAR has not managed to escape the controversy in key moves.
Many are what they ask to see again the filming of the VAR in the play that annulled the goal of Cavanni that would mean to Uruguay the semifinal pass of the America Cup and therefore the elimination of Peru. Among them, the presidential candidate colorado Ernesto Talvo demanded on Saturday via twitter to see again the filming of the referred play:

“There is a ban for politics but not for the vigorous demand for justice: we want to see the VAR footage against PERU again. Our fans instinct tells us that they cooked us among the VAR and a Brazilian judge terrified by a possible Maracanazo 2.0 “

But the issue does not stop there, nor that party, yesterday for example protested almost all of Argentina with the arbitration and the use of VAR in the match that meant the elimation of Argentina and the Brazil classification to the final of the Copa America that organizes.

Who among others complained harshly, has been the most famous Argentine in the world, Lionel Messi:

“They got tired of charging bullies in the Copa America and did not go to the VAR. Incredible, “Messi told TyC Sports.

and added “They collected boludas hands, boludos foules, penitent criminals and today they did not go to the VAR”.

Most of the portals and Argentine newspapers point out two key moves in which the VAR should have been used at least to clear up doubts in a game of such importance for the region, I found two situations of possible criminal charges in favor of Argentina.

1) Dani Alves’s unpaid foul on Sergio Aguero in a small area that even allowed the counterattack with which Firmino sentenced the match.

2) The colorful lack of Arthur on Nicolas Otamendi in small area.

In none of these controversial moves was even the review of them, even if to discard them.

This has not gone unnoticed by the main media of Argentina.

Both Clarin and TN say that Argentina was harmed by the action of the VAR manager not to notify the possible penalties to Judge Roddy Zambrano.

About who have rained the large amount of criticism for not warning Roddy Zambrano to review the plays is in charge of the VAR, the Uruguayan referee Leodan Gonzalez.

In the wake of such controversies that have spread in the press and in the harsh words of the protagonists, as Lionel Messi The News has consulted the referee Leodan Gonzalez on the controversies played in order to provide more information about it.

Why were not reviewed or watched the television review of these plays (the possible faults to Aguero and Otamendi) in the small area by the VAR?

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