Peru vs Chile for a place in the final of Copa America

Already with Brazil defined as the first finalist defined in the Copa America tonight will be unveiled the name of the other finalist in the great match of

Peru vs Chile

one of them will go by cup against Brazil that yesterday eliminated Argentina. The other played against Messi and company for third place. A party that nobody wants to dispute but that has its importance.

Chile won its first matches until Uruguay won with Cavani’s goal. Then it was more than the favorite Colombia with up to three goals canceled and went by definition of penalty kicks by 5 to 4.

Peru’s path to the semifinals was more shocking, tied with Venezuela without goals, beat Bolivía by 3 to 1 and lost to the local Brazil 5 to 0. And then went through penalties by 5 to 4 against Uruguay in a game without goals in the 90 minutes and that the Uruguayan Luis Suarez the goalkeeper Gallese cut him a penalty.

Today there will be very good players on the court.

The Peruvian Paolo Guerrero and the Chilean Eduardo Vargas have 12 goals each in the historical table of the America’s Cup, both are going to surpass the mark, the record has it and they share Norberto Mendez of Argentina and Zizinho of Brazil with 17 goals each one.

Períú vs Chile promises to be a great match. The match will be monitored with the VAR game review system, which was yesterday in the eye of a media storm with countless criticisms of the main newspapers and portals of Argentina.

The winner is the always feared and talented Brazil, who comes from making several goals in the cup, has the fence undefeated and never lost a Copa America in Brazil.

Winning Chile will be neither more nor less than its seventh final, three of them conspiring and will go this time for its third Cup.

If Peru wins, it will go for its third final and Cup. Having a fast rematch of the 5 th or that Brazil gave it in the group stage. Another fact is that Peru, whenever it reached a final, won it.

Undoubtedly it will be a very entertaining match.

Imagen de un estadio de un Estadio de futbol en Pixabay

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