Lacalle Pou, Talvi and Martinez: those elected by the vote of citizenship.

It happened on June 30 and today with the newspaper on Monday, July 1, the political panorama is already different.

Three ex-candidates today are already the Official Candidates of the National Party, the Colorado Party and the Broad Front.

The official candidates of the three main parties of the country, are the white Luis Lacalle Pou, the red Ernesto Talvi and Daniel Martinez respective frontist.

They won their respective internal clearly and will face in October for the presidency of Uruguay.

They are the only ones with real chances of reaching the presidency, the other parties do not have real chances according to the polls.

National Party:

Luis Lacalle Pou won with 53.77%

followed by Juan Sartori with 20.69%, Jorge Larrañaga with 17.52% and Intendant of Maldonado Enrique Antía with 7.52%

Colorado Party:

Ernesto Talvi won with 53.72%

followed by former President Julio Maria Sanguinetti with 32.76% and Jose Amorin Batlle with 13.26%

Broad Front:

Daniel Martinez won with 41.96%

followed by Carolina Cosse with 25.50%, Oscar Andrade with 23.06 and former Central Bank president Mario Vergara with 9.29%

Presidential Formulas

National Party:

Of the three main parties, the only one that has already defined its electoral formula is the National Party.

When no one expected yesterday that the candidate for vice president was proclaimed by the public previous statements, Luis Lacalle Pou surprised and defined the presidential nationalist formula from the beginning:

Luis Lacalle Pou – Beatriz Argimón

in this way the white leader quieted the internal waters and left his party for the presidential elections from day 0.

Colorado Party:

The red surprise Ernesto Talvi did not want to define yet his candidate for vice president. If Sanguinetti said he was fully predisposed to integrate it, Talvi, according to the large percentage of his vote, preferred to wait a few more days, for such an economist to analyze in detail who will be his formula partner.

Broad Front:

Like the Colorados, they preferred to wait to define the candidate as vice president.

Although Carolina Cosse expressed minutes after meeting the results that in her opinion the name of the candidate / vice president had to leave one of the already ex-candidates, that idea was diluted in the course of the hours.

Later, both Christian Di Candia and Monica Xavier expressed to Canal 4 that they preferred to define the formula by consensus.

And already hours later Carolina Cosse contrasted his initial idea to talk about choosing by consensus the candidate. Today Monday the president of the Broad Front, Javier Miranda added to the newspaper El Pais that the formula should be equal.

The surprises:

Luis Lacalle Pou to win with margin as big and wider than expected.

Ernesto Talvi winning the red interior and also doing it for a very wide margin.

Juán Sartori prevailing as the second nationalist force over Jorge Larrañaga and moving to third place.

The notes:

that both Lacalle Pou and Talvi coincide in 53% of the vote in their respective parties.
that front broadists voted at their lowest level of participation in an internal one.
that at the headquarters of the Colorado Party, the triumph of Luis Lacalle Pou was received with vitores and applause.
The electoral race has just begun and the chips of the political board begin to settle, waiting for the next days or weeks the formation of the remaining electoral formulas facing the presidential election, which promises to be much more competitive than the previous national elections.

Illustrative image of a vote of Pixabay

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