Ernesto Talvi claimed on Twitter: “to see the VAR footage against PERU”

After Saturday’s game between Uruguay and Peru, many were outraged with VAR and arbitration. Already if they have expressed it on social networks.

There are not a few, the Uruguayans who feel that the VAR “stole” them. Many even distrust that in the Brazilian arbitration has influenced the famous “maracanazo” and that with the differences of the case (it is a Copa America, not a World Cup) could be repeated with a possible ending with Brazil.

The truth is that many were left with doubts about the cancellation of the goal of Cavanni by the VAR.

Even, there is a supporter of weight (perhaps many more) that was totally dissatisfied with such a controversial decision and that on Twitter requested to see the images of the goal of Cavani.

Ernesto Talvi, like thousands (or hundreds of thousands) was totally dissatisfied with this decision and this he published about it:

Photo of soccer stadium in Pixabay

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