Argentina vs Brazil: an advanced “final” of the Copa America

Today, the first semifinal of the Copa America of Brazil is played.

In what is expected a great game, will face by the pass to the great Final of America the teams of Brazil and Argentina.

Brazil vs Argentina is one of the world classics (the other one is when Uruguay plays) more famous and legendary in the history of football.

Today’s match is not a friendly match anymore, it is an elimination match. The winner goes to the final and the loser will play for the third place in the cup. A place that nobody wants.

It will undoubtedly be a very exciting match, with a high level of play, with players from the world elite.

On the side of Argentina will be in the field of the best player in the world and for many in history: Lionel Messi with the talented player Lautaro Martinez, one of the new cracks of the Argentine national team and man of Argentina in this cup.

On the Brazilian side, the most expensive player in Brazil, Roberto Firmino and the revelation of Brazil in this cup, will be the player of the Gremio club, Everton.

The goalkeepers also stand out, Armani who saved a penalty kick and the
Brazilian Allison is the only undefeated goalkeeper in the cup so far.

Whoever wins will play with the winner of Chile and Peru that they play tomorrow.

Tonight’s game will be broadcast on several television channels.

Image of a soccer stadium on Pixabay

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