Uruguay trains in Salvador thinking of Peru

Uruguay already trains in Salvador with the premise of winning tomorrow.

The Twitter of Uruguay Soccer team share on Friday 28 images of the training in the Manoel Barradas Stadium at the city of Salvador, Brazil.

Uruguay has its mind set on its next match with Peru tomorrow, Saturday at 4:00 p.m., for the semi-final of the Copa America.

It will be a high voltage match, Uruguay has Cavani and Suarez in the attack, both scorers of the world elite.

Peru has a good team and a great scorer of world hierarchy, Paolo Guerrero, who was the top scorer with 5 goals of the Copa America 2011 in Argentina and this time with 11 goals looking to break the record of 17 goals that belongs to a Brazilian.

Precisely in Copa America was the last time that both teams met for the pass to the final, won Uruguay by 2 to win then the final to Paraguay and consecrated the Celeste Champion of America.

Uruguay is ready and will give everything to Peru to go to the semi-final and go to another American title.

Image Twitter @uruguay

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