Martín Caceres, the scorer of the informal football today in the training prior to tomorrow’s big match with Peru.

The stripped-down Martín Caceres was the great scorer of Uruguay in a match during the informal training of the Uruguayan National Team at the Manoel Barradas stadium of Vitoria club in the city of Salvador, Brazil. .

This was released today by the Twitter of the Uruguayan Seleción.

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Caceres scored 3 goals and was the elgoleador of the day in the last race of Uruguay before the great match with Peru for the semi-final of the Copa America in Brazil.

Martín Caceres, affectionately nicknamed “peeled Caceres” is an undisputed bulwark of the Celeste team. With memorable performances, Caceres has earned a place in the hearts of Uruguayan fans.

Caceres was the one who played in the finals quarterfinals the last penalty that ended up eliminating Argentina from his own Copa America in 2011 and that he would later consecrate Uruguay as Champion of America, breaking the parity in cups with Argentina that existed until that cup.

Tomorrow Saturday, June 29, Uruguay is going for more by facing Peru in the quarterfinals for the semi-final of the Copa America.

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