Brazil is still in the Cup America, won Paraguay by penalty kicks and wait for Argentina or Venezuela

In a vibrant match that ended in a goalless draw, by definition by penalties Brazil went to the semifinals of the Copa América that it organizes.

It was a tough game, Paraguay started better the first few minutes, but in the end the first half ended without goals, with Paraguay doing a good game.

In the second half Brazil improved and in the 10th minute the referee took a penalty against a Paraguay foul, but after reviewing it in the VAR charged foul from outside the area and expelled the Paraguayan player Balbuena.

Paraguay stayed with 10 players and the match was all in favor of Brazil almost to the end.

Brazil made several goal plays but the ball did not enter the goal and even a ball bounced on the post. But the match ended in a draw and went to the definition by penalty kicks that eventually won Brazil by 4 to 3.
Brazil is in the semifinals and waits for the winner of Argentina – Venezuela who play today.

Image of a Pixabay Soccer Stadium

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