Encuesta Equipos (PC): Lacalle Pou 45 % – Juan Survey Equipos Consultores (PC): Sanguinetti 48% – Talvi 45 / technical draw.

Yesterday, June 26, in Subrayado , the director of Public Opinion of the consulting firm Equipos Consultores, Ignacio Zuasnabar, announced the details of the last survey of the consultant regarding the intention to vote for the internal election in June and for National election of October.

Regarding the Colorado Party:

June Internal Elections:

Sanguinetti: 48% / Talvi: 45% / Amorin: 5%

Note: there is a technical tie between Ernesto Talvi 48% and Julio Maria Sanguinetti 45% and the margin of error is +/- 5%.

October National Elections:

Sanguinetti: 53% / Talvi: 41% / Amorin: 5%

The survey was based on 2,700 cases, some face-to-face and the other cell phones.

Illustrative image of Pixabay

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