Uruguay: Great Victory in the Maracana stadium.

When it seemed that Chile was going to be first of the group and would face Peru, less than 10 minutes to go, Edinson Cavani’s goal came and the roles were reversed: Uruguay first, Chile second.
Thus, the round of eighteen remain as follows: Uruguay vs Peru and Chile vs Colombia.
In this way Uruguay made sure to play with Peru (better third), a priori more affordable than Colombia who thrashed Argentina and has won all three of their matches so far.

If Uruguay wins and Colombia wins, both will face each other in a hypothetical semifinal.
If the players never talk about revenge, the possible match would have all the ingredients of a rematch, as Colombia beat the dream of the World Championship of Uruguay in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
At that time Colombia won, his young star James Rodriguez made some great goals.
Now the story is different, but the teams could be the same.
To reach the final, on the other side of the series, could be Brazil or Argentina.

Cavani, the goal men,share in his twitter a video of the victory:

We will keep you well informed.

Imagen de un estadio de futbol: Pixabay

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