Uruguay: debate Carolina Cosse – Jorge Larrañaga

Already internal elections are just around the corner.
The pre-candidates define their last strategies and closings of acts before the electoral closure that begins at 0:00 on Friday.
 Until that moment, they work tirelessly to increase the intention of voting in their favor.
 For example, Juan Sartori will travel more than 2000 km in just three days, ending half an hour before the electoral closure.
Everyone will take advantage of this time to the fullest in order to convince not their voters, but those who have not yet definitively decided their candidate.
In that context, Uruguay Decide of Channel 4 with the journalist Daniel Castro in the conduction will transmit the second debate in 25 years.
Yes, although it seems strange to you, in more than two decades the aspirants to the presidency have not debated.
 The “ice” broke last Wednesday Ernesto Talvi and Oscar Andrade, colorado and Frenteamplista respectively, who are worth highlighting, they were encouraged to give the necessary initial kick to this new cycle of electoral debates that so well does to the citizenship and the political system in general.

Following that path, Uruguay Decide today presents the debate between former Minister Carolina Cosse and Senator Jorge Larrañaga. Two candidates of weight in their inmates who aspire to win each theirs.
Carolina Cosse all place polls place second in the Frente Amplio internal below Daniel Martinez. To Jorge Larrañaga the different place polls place him third, below Luis Lacalle Pou and Juan Jartori.
This will be, for each one, without doubt one of the last significant opportunities for Cosse and Larrañaga to be able to increase the intention of voting in their favor, the vital thing they want to achieve the objective of winning the respective internal.
How much this debate will influence the vote, nobody knows, but what is known is that it will undoubtedly be among the most watched by Uruguayans.
 The audience, estimated at thousands of viewers, follows these debates very closely. It was already confirmed in the Talvi-Andrade debate that it obtained the highest rating of its time slot on the channels of the capital.
There are few who walk that the debate made Talvi and Andrade grow.
Today is the turn of the candidates: Cosse-Larrañaga.
It will be a great unique opportunity to show live and live and convince citizens with their ideas.

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