Luis Lacalle Pou closes campaign in Maldonado

This Friday is 21 the closing of campaign of Luis Lacalle Pou in Maldonado.
Before a large crowd of people the senator and pre-candidate white Luis Lacalle Pou closes his campaign in the club Defender of Maldonado.

Luis Lacalle Pou is the leader of the white intern, the latest polls show him an advantage over the second in the polls, the millionaire Juan Sartori who continues to grow, followed by Jorge Larrañaga and local leader and mayor of Maldonado Enrique Antía.

The act is attended by several white political personalities, including the other local leader of the National Party in Maldonado, the mayor Rodrigo Blas, former president of the Departmental Board of Maldonado and active nationalist militant.

Foto ilustrativa de Lacalle Pou:

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