The Senate of Argentina refused to legalize abortion

The Senate of Argentina refused to legalize abortion.

The decriminalization of abortion is a central issue that occupies more and more countries in the world.
In his neighboring country, Uruguay, decriminalization was approved and now it is the turn of Argentina.
The deputies have already approved the bill and today will be the turn of the upper house, the Argentine Senate. If approved, it will become law.

President Mauricio Macri has already announced that he will not veto the law.

At this time, as reported by the TN site, it seems that the majority position is in favor of not approving the law, 38 would vote against and 31 would vote in favor, 1 abstention and 1 absence.

But a similar forecast (for not approving the law) also existed in the Argentine media before the bill was finally approved in the Chamber of Deputies. It happens that it is a sensitive issue, and legislators remain in reserve or may even change their minds in some cases.
That time it seemed that the position for not approving the law was going to win, but in the last hours of voting several deputies who had not said their position before the press voted to approve the law.

Therefore, it is risky to venture a result, although at this time it seems very likely that the Senate does not approve the law, it is not a position so strong that it allows to affirm a possible result with clarity. To know if the Abortion will be or not decriminalized in Argentina under certain requirements will have to wait for the voting process to take place and only there will be known what will happen. In the hypothetical case of a tie in votes, the current Argentine vice-president Gabriela Micheti would break, whose position is contrary to the approval of the law.
The vote is expected to extend several hours.

The Senate of Argentina refused to legalize abortion

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