Puigdemont is a free man in a free Europe (except Spain).

Puigdemont is a free man in a free Europe (except Spain).

The case of the Catalan political leader, Carles Puigdemont continues to give a lot to talk to European public opinion.

In an outcome that any person (without being a lawyer, journalist or expert) who has followed the entire Catalan process could intuit.

That Carles Puigdemont would be finally freed from all the charges (at European level) that weighed on him and the rest of the former ministers and exiled politicians in the countries of Belgium, Switzerland and Scotland.

Finally last week, the Regional Court of Schleswig Holstein decreed that there was no crime of rebellion, sedition and disturbance of public order and therefore denied definitively extradition to Spain for these possible crimes (which until now only Spanish justice has seen) and only allowed the extradition of Puigdemont for the crime of embezzlement (economic crime and release) under certain requirements that the German Court specified.

This situation allowed the Puigdemont to be able to be elected deputy again (judge LLarena suspended it last week) and also President of the Generalitat de Catalunia. This is because only the crime of Rebellion is open to the defendants to hold public office, but the crime of Malbidity of money allows to occupy public positions, such as the presidency of Catalunia.

For this reason, the Spanish judge Pablo Llarena, in a much more political than judicial, resolved to cancel the Euro-Order (OEDE) of European arrest for embezzlement of money that affected Carles Puigdemont and the rest of the ex-ministers and activists exiled in different countries of Europe.

Following the cancellation of the arrest warrants, first the General Prosecutor’s Office of Schleswig Holstein determined the end of the extradition proceedings against Carles Puigdemont and a few hours later, the Regional Court of Schleswig Holstein canceled the extradition proceedings against Carles Puigdemont, who From now on, you can move freely throughout Europe.

There is therefore a serious paradox, which is that within the European Union a person is free of crime throughout Europe but not in Spain, where the arrest warrants are still valid.

And we return to the same principle. As it can be that a judge sees the crime of Rebellion configured and that almost everybody (including the three judges of the high court of Schleswig Holstein) do not see such a crime and the accusations of Judge Llarena seem absurd.

It will surely remain for later, perhaps, to analyze these important judicial disputes and to determine if the Spanish process against the Catalan politicians was in accordance with the law and did not incur in an important subjugation of the basic rights of the people, such as the Expression, Meeting and Freedom of expression.
Basic and unbreakable rights, that to subjugate them is undoubtedly an important cause of discontent and world stupor today. The TV cameras (worldwide) clearly showed to the world public the events of last year’s referendum. And even though it could be considered illegal by the Spanish justice system, the images of the Spanish policemen beating wildly civil voters who just wanted to vote, went around the world and radically inclined European and world public opinion much more in favor of the Government of Catalonia that of the Spanish Government.
It is still uncertain to venture to say what the future politic of Catalonia will be, that is, whether it will be an independent state or continue as before, as part of Spain.

I think what is true is that this political issue is not over and we will hear much more about this issue in the coming months. And with final still uncertain.

By Demian Bayley Dominguez for NBI News

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