France is the first finalist of Russia 2018.

France is the first finalist of Russia 2018.

The French team beat Belgium 1-0 and won the ticket to the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

France was undoubtedly the best team so far, with an entertaining and effective game, with great players, such as Antoine Griesmann, Pogba, Mbappe, the great goalkeeper Lloris and a group of excellent players.
In summary, the best selection.

Sack of the championship to three heavyweights, the world champions, Argentina and Uruguay, and now the surprising Belgium of Hazard, Lokaku, Courtois and company.

France was more.

He made the goal at the right moment, a great header from Umiti was totally unattainable for the great Belgian goalkeeper Courtois (another of the figures of this World Cup).

France 1 – Belgium 0, and the French dream begins to be reality.

France is again in the final of a World Cup for the third time in its history.

Coach Didier Deschamps did not hide his satisfaction.
After a hard period of work that began before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the French team will play the final.

Deschamps was the icon and captain of the French team Champion of the World in France 1998, that legendary French team where were the incredible and unrepeatable Zinedine Zidane, Henry and other great figures that took France to the highest point in the history of football, winning by 3 to 0 to the granBrasil of Ronaldo “Fenomeno” in an epic final and very remembered.

This Sunday, the French team will go for the glory. In front you will have England or Crocia.
It will be a great game, in which the teams will leave everything on the court for being in the history of football.

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