Juventus FC on the topic Cristiano Ronaldo: “no comment”

Juventus FC on the topic Cristiano Ronaldo: “no comment”

The theme of the moment in the world of sports (not counting the World Cup) is undoubtedly the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese mega star.

If he will continue at Real Madrid? Or if he is going to go to PSG? or that since 7/7, as Mediaset affirms, it will be the new soccer star of the Juventus of Turin.

But, for the moment he is still a stranger.

in a world where it is necessary to resort to direct sources of information.

NBI News consulted the area of communication of the Juventus of Turin, who before the request of confirmation or denial of information that circulated all day yesterday in the world press, that is to say if Cristiano Ronaldo will be a player of Juventus. The communication area of the Club said  : ” No comment ” 

By Demian Bayley Dominguez


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