Uruguay with the superstar Luis Suarez won Uzbekistan 3 to 0

By Demian Bayley Dominguez /

The Uruguayan soccer team is preparing for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
There are few teams that are favorites.
Uruguay is one of them. The first world champion is always a hidden favorite.
Today won 3 to 0 in Uzbekistan in the legendary Uruguayan stadium Centenario, where the first World Soccer Championship was played in 2930, where Uruguay beat Argentina in the final.
the Centennial is where it all began. The fundamental basis of what will be played in Russia in the coming days, the World Cup.

Uruguay was the first champion and author of the greatest feat in the history of the World Cups, the victory in Brazil to Brazil Maracana.

This time we do not know how the history of this championship will be described.

By Demian Bayley Dominguez for NBI News

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