The Kīlauea Volcano continues to be a danger to several areas of Hawwaii.

The Kīlauea Volcano continues to be a danger to several areas of Hawwaii.

Civil Defense has had to issue avitude alerts in some areas.

For example, a vigorous lava eruption continues the fissures in the area
East Rift (LERZ) lowest in the area of ​​Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens.

Also fissure number 8 is very active today, “reaching heights of 200 feet at times and feeding a lava flow that was advancing on the fissure flow 8 ‘a’ that was active on Sunday night / Monday morning.
The first lobe of this flow crossed Highway 132 just before 2 pm HST on Tuesday. Lava continues moving towards the northeast. ”

According to visual observations on Tuesday, the weak activity continues in fissures 18 and 19. Fissure 18, for example, has produced lava flows that have advanced 1.6 miles towards the oceanic coast.

Also the hair of Pele and other light volcanic glasses of high formation of the fissure 8 are transported to leeward and fall to the west of the fissure.

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Residents have been urged to minimize exposure to these volcanic particles because they can cause skin and eye irritation similar to volcanic ash.

It is stated, that: “HVO field crews are on site tracking sources, lava flows, and splashes of multiple fissures as conditions permit and report information to the Hawaii County Civil Defense. The teams are also checking the condition of the cracks on the highway 130 ”

By Demian Bayley Domínguez for NBI News.

Based on the daily report of the Hawaii Volcanic Observatory – US Geological Survey (USGS)

Photo Source: USGS




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