Pedro Sánchez only needs one vote to dismiss Mariano Rajoy and be the next President of Spain

According to the newspaper El Confidencial, Pedro Sánchez only needs one vote to dismiss Mariano Rajoy and become the seventh Spanish president in democracy this Friday. Sanchez, secretary general of the Spanish political party PSOE, called and organized a “motion for nullity”, a constitutional mechanism by which to obtain a parliamentary majority is dismissed the president of the Government. Pedro Sánchez would assume in that case the presidency of the Spanish Government this Friday. unlike the previous motions of censorship made by the political parties Unidos Podemos and Ciudadanos, this time the motion of censorship has great potential to succeed. Sanchez could count on the indispensable votes of the Catalan parties, Pdecat and Esquerra Republicana, with whom Sanchez would be negotiating a political agreement on the Catalan case, something to which Rajoy had refused. At this moment, only the support of the Basque party would be lacking. So things, everything seems to indicate that Friday could be the last day of the controversial government of Mariano Rajoy (PP) and the first day of the new government of Pedro Sánchez (PSOE).

By Demian Bayley Dominguez for NBI News


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