The Kalilua Volcano is still very active: another river of lava reached the ocean

The Kalilua Volcano and its entire complex is still very active. Numerous fissures have been activated. In the Rift Zone Lower East cc Continued lava eruption and ground cracking in the area of ​​Leilani Estates where the subdivision of Lanipuna Gardens occurs. This area is being very affected. For example, the lava river has divided that area. And in what is one of the most relevant news of the subject, is that the lava has reached the ocean at another point, forming two outcrops of lava in the ocean instead of a single point as before. The danger of toxic gases also continues due to the chemical reaction formed by the lava when touching the water. This vapor is extremely toxic and contains small crystals. At the beginning, the source of the gases was that of the crack 20, since it was the ice that reached the ocean. But now crack 22 also reached the ocean. The seismic activity continues in located in the Summit.

By Demian Bayley Domínguez for NBI News.

Based on the daily report of the Hawaii Volcanic Observatory – US Geological Survey (USGS)

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Photo of the Volcano of another year:

By Puu_Oo_looking_up_Kilauea.jpg: USGSderivative work: Avenue (Puu_Oo_looking_up_Kilauea.jpg) [Public domain or CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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