Formula E – The new concept of Car Racing

In less than two weeks, on march 17, will be held in Punta del Este, the race of high-speed electric cars, an event of the highest level automotive, which locates again to Punta del Este, the most exclusive summer resort in South America, in the media and world television focus.

Formula E is televised to many countries around the world, with an important and growing television audience. It is a competition that is based on electrical energy and the global trend of today to take care of our planet and contribute in everything related to ecology, avoiding all the industries more and more polluting energies, make the E formula a show much more interesting and attractive than others.

2018 CBMM Niobium Punta del Este E-Prix, corresponding to the 6th date of the Formula E World Championship.

Data of the Race in Punta del Este:

The winner of both stages in Punta del Este, on December 13, 2014 (2014-15 Championship) and on December 19, 2015 (Championship 2015-16) was the Swiss pilot, Sebastien Buemi, who was vice champion first and Champion of the second.

This year there are 20 laps with a length of the track of the street circuit of Punta del Esdte of 2,785 km

This championship, the winner of the Punta del Este circuit, Sebastien Buemi has not yet climbed to the top of the podium.

Punta del Este will be its first position this year. If it is for the statistics and knowledge of the track, it is undoubtedly the favorite.

Previously, the world titles were for:

Nelson Piquet Jr 2014-15
Sebastien Buemi 2015-16
Lucas Di Grassi 2016-17
It should be noted that in the only 5 dates of the current championship, none of the three previous World Champions (Nelson Piquet – Sebastien Buemi – Lucas Di Grassi) has won the first place of a race this year.

Only Sebastien Buemi has been on the podium: second in Morocco E-Prix, third in Santiago de Chile E-Prix and third in the City of Mexico E-Prix recently played on March 3, in the autodronomo Hermanos Rodriguez of the capital Mexican

Winners of the previous dates of the current E-Prix:

Hong Konk 1 – Sam Bird – 12/02/17
Hong Kong 2 – Felix Rosenqvist – 12/03/17
Morocco – Felix Rosenqvist – 01/13/18
Santiago – Jean-Éric Vergne – 03/02/18
City. of Mexico – Daniel Abt – 03/03/18

Leonardo Dicaprio:

The famous Hollywood actor, Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the main references of the Formula E and pronounced the following words at the time of the presentation of the team:

” The future of our planet depends on our ability to embrace fuel-efficient, clean-energy vehicles,” DiCaprio said. “Venturi Grand Prix has shown tremendous foresight in their decision to create an environmentally friendly racing team, and I am happy to be a part of this effort. “

Leonardo Di Caprio owns the Venturi Formula E-Team, along with his partner with the owner of the electric car brand Venturi; the tycoon Gildo Pallanca Pastor.

Di Caprio is represented by his pilots Edoardo Mortara and Maro Engel.

Richard Branson:

The British tycoon, owner of Virgin Media Group and the media, has declared at the end of December the portal ‘South China Morning Post and that reproduces that:

In 10 years, Formula E will surpass Formula 1″ (1)

The world should be driven by clean cars ” (2)

The cars are great, fun and sustainable ” (3)

Growth: “It’s exciting how fast it grows, there are new initiatives every season, I’m willing to predict that in 10 years, if F1 continues as it is now, I think Formula E will overcome it, and it should be because the world should be driven by cars. We all have to free ourselves from dirty cars and Formula E leads this way. “

It clarifies: Sir Richard Branson, owner also of the DS Virgin Racing team that this year inaugurated winning the Grand Prix of Hong Kong with its pilot, Sam Bird on December 2 last.

The Sponsors:
There are several first class brands that promote this sport.

The Swiss private banking, Julius Bär, global partner of Formula E, joins and contributes the main name of the championship this season, called:

ABB Formula E Championship

The technological multinational: ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) whose main businesses are electric power generation and industrial automation technologies. ABB operates in more than one hundred countries in the world and employs more than 145,000 people. It has annual revenues of around 35,481 million dollars (2015)

And there are the sponsors: Michelin- Visa- Dhl- Qualcomm- Bmw – Tagheuer – Ghmumm – Enel – Allianz – Hugo Boss and same others.

The audience and future projection:

Eurosport, who broadcasts Olympic games for Europe, becomes ‘The House of Formula E’
All races live and exclusive
In the words of Peter Hutton, CEO of Eurosport: “With its unique approach to innovation and its willingness to try new things that increase commitment to passionate fans of motorsport, there is a palpable symmetry between Formula E and Eurosport values. “(4)

In the words of Jonathan Davies, Managing Director, Advertiser Partnerships, Discovery Networks International and Eurosport: “The urban races of the Formula E are gaining a lot of popularity becoming a new generation of motor sport that is a pioneer in emerging technologies. As the leading issuer of Formula E in Europe, Eurosport offers brands a unique opportunity to partner with this innovative sport and be part of the experience for millions of fans through TV, digital media and social networks.” (5)

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